Have We Been Distracted and Deceived?

I think we have been tricked. 

Actually, I know we have. 

Well-meaning, good-intentioned, wouldn’t-harm-anyone, live-and-let-live kind of folks have been indoctrinated. We have bought into this lie of not confronting things and not calling things by their right names for what they are. We wrap the hard stuff up in flowery words. 

Sometimes I wish I could be light and airy, pleasant, non-confrontational, passive, even; but then I remember that this is not about me or what I want. This is not about my comfort, my popularity, my like-ability. I have a platform to speak truth, and I must. 

I have noticed a certain theme in social media—an animal rights type of theme. You all have seen it, too.  People share pictures of dogs standing in the freezing cold, ice on their faces. We see animals that have been horribly abused, bloody, skinny, and pitiful looking. People will post shelter animals that are destined for euthanasia. We will plead for intervention before it’s too late.

I saw an article the other day dedicated to scolding states that do not have laws in place to protect dogs from hot cars. People are appalled that only sixteen states have laws in place to protect dogs in hot cars and to persecute their owners. People care enough about animals to lobby for their defense in matters such as these. Part of the article read, “Come on, Indiana! Get with it!” because Indiana is not one of the sixteen states that have laws in place. I thought the same thing, “Come on, Indiana! Come on America!” but for different reasons.

One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was seemingly simple, “Wow! Sixteen states have laws protecting dogs in hot cars! That is sixteen more states than have laws protecting our unborn babies in this country.“

Oh, great—here we go, right?

This is about to get heavy. You’re right about that, my friend. Well, partially right—it's not about to get heavy. It is heavy. It’s been heavy for a LONG time. Forty-two-years kind of heavy. We have collectively killed MORE THAN fifty-six million babies in this great country. Can you wrap your mind around that? 

I can’t. 

Marinate in that number for a bit—FIFTY-SIX MILLION.                    

I do not enjoy pointing out these facts. The truth is, it sickens me, it burdens my soul (as it should), I want to avoid it and focus on the positive. When I avoid these things that make me uncomfortable, it then becomes about me—and this is not about me. 

This is about truth—God's truth. 

My truth is futile. It is relevant and likely to change according to my feelings and ever-changing mood because I am petty and human. 

God’s truth is a different deal altogether. He is the same, always the same. 

Eighty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians. 

Eighty-three percent. I think we can all agree that that is more than the majority of Americans, right?  Where am I going with all of this? 

Either we ARE in fact Christians or we ARE NOT Christians. There is no neutrality in Christianity. If you are a Christian, then I am assuming you believe what your Christian God tells you in His Word. He plainly tells us: Do not murder. 

Why then are more than 3,700 babies being killed each day?! Oh, I mean aborted. That’s the sterile little phrase, isn’t it? 

Abortion (n.): the spontaneous or induced termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus.

Abortion—someone dies. 

That’s what we have learned to do—talk about these things in language that does not convict or offend: abort, embryo, fetus.

Let’s look at that for a second. 

Embryo (n.):  a living thing in its earliest stages of development. 

So the embryo is a living thing (according to the dictionary and the BIBLE). 

An embryo is a baby, plain and simple. A baby in its earliest stages of life—its most vulnerable stage—where it needs the most protection but gets the least!

Fetus. We love to call the babies fetuses when we are talking about taking their lives. It is a lot easier to swallow that word, fetus, than that other word, baby. 

Have you ever asked a pregnant lady when her fetus was going to be born? 

No? Me neither.

Fetus (n.):  an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception. 

If you have never seen an aborted baby, I encourage you to look. I challenge you to look. It will horrify you, as it should. It will make you ashamed of us all. It will turn your stomach and make your blood boil. 

Abortion is not the sterile, detached thing that we portray it as. It is human. It is real life blood and guts. It is a tiny and helpless infant being ripped apart limb-by-limb and reassembled on a stainless steel tray. There is blood and there is death.

When you abort your baby, you are still a mother; but your baby is dead. There was a living, eternal soul in your womb. That soul cannot be made un-eternal to make our lives more convenient. 

Abortion takes two lives: the unborn baby's and its mother's. Talk to any post-abortion woman, and she will tell you it broke something deep inside. There is irreparable, irreversible, life-long following hurt.

But, yet, each and every day, without fail, babies—not embryos, not fetuses, but BABIES—at different stages of life, are being exterminated. 

Why? Lots of reasons: circumstance, finances, CONVENIENCE. 

I have heard various arguments about this modern holocaust we like to sugar up and call pro-choice. 

What about rape, incest, the  mother’s life being in danger? These are terrible circumstances to find yourself in. Terrible is not big enough. My limited vocabulary cannot paint the anguish of those situations, but that does not change the truth of those situations.

Killing the child conceived in rape does not erase that crime. It creates another one. 

There are thousands upon thousands of people just waiting, hoping, praying even to adopt a baby as you read this. There are other options, always. 

NEVER is it okay for us to decide which babies live and which ones die. But what if they will be unloved, abused? Isn’t it better that they would die in the womb than suffer their whole lives through? Are we God? Is it for us to decide who will live and who will not? 

Are we Christians?

Wake up, church! Wake up, Susan! 

Is there an abortion mill near you? Is there a church presence outside its gates? Are we praying, are we speaking in love to these hurt and lost girls going in? Are we willing to beg for the lives of their unborn children? Are we willing to stand in the gap with our own children and be hated for the sake of the gospel? If we are Christians, then we ought to be. 

If there was a puppy mill around, it would be shouted from the Facebook roofs. What do you read in your newsfeed about the local abortion mill? Nothing, most likely. It doesn’t get a lot of “likes” I can assure you. 

We must care. 

We must stop this as individuals. 

We must abandon the old, “I would never have an abortion, BUT I can’t tell others what they should do.”  If you call yourself a Christian, then, yes, you must, for the sake of the One you serve, tell people it is not okay to kill their children—ever. 

We are having conversations at the Supreme Court level about when and how it’s acceptable to murder our children. 

This needs to stop! Banning abortion after twenty weeks is not a victory that the pro-life movement should be celebrating. The partial-birth abortion ban did not save one life. It just rerouted the methods used to kill the unborn. Just as slavery was eventually abolished, so will human abortion be abolished. 

Have you watched this? If not, you should! It parallels the Jewish holocaust to the American holocaust.  ---> 180 Movie

We have to choose whether we will play a role in bringing it to an end. I have to choose to be the presence for the helpless. At least the slave had a chance to run. Yes, he or she probably would have been killed trying; but still there was a chance to run. The baby has nowhere to go. Babies cannot escape the sterile and precise instruments in the hand of the “physician” being paid to end its life. A baby has no voice except you and me. Be that voice. Reject the lies, the flowery words, the distractions, the transparent arguments. Stand for truth. 

The God that 83% of us claim to follow cannot bless a nation with the blood of fifty-six million babies on its hands. 

Abortion does not start at the mill—it starts in the pews. We must shake ourselves awake and act now. 

What can I do? That is what I think sometimes. It’s so big, and I am so small. I already have so many responsibilities at home tending to my own affairs.

What can I do? 

I can abolitionize as I go, and you can too. 

Get yourself some drop cards, some tracts, make something. As you grocery shop, like we all do, stroll down the “family planning” aisle and find the condoms. Right next to them, see if they are selling Plan B. This is the earliest chemical form of ending the lives of our children. If the store carries it, ask them to remove it. Whether they will or not, leave something next to the product for the girls (or guys) coming to buy it. 

Leave an image—a real image—of an aborted baby. 

People need to know. 

We need to see it for what it is. We need to learn to call things what they are! 

If they do not sell Plan B, take a minute to thank God; and leave something by the pregnancy tests. If someone is buying pregnancy tests, they have a choice to make. Four out of ten unintended pregnancies end in abortion. Four out of ten! It costs you very little to leave something for the person coming in, but it could save someone's life!

Don’t be afraid to talk about the hard stuff. Dogs are great. Animals are great. We should take good care of our pets, of course. There are sixteen states with laws in place for animal protection.

In our enthusiasm to protect animals, we have forgotten to protect something much more valuable—human life!

There are ZERO states with laws in place to protect babies from being ripped apart in their mother’s wombs, a place that should be the safest but has become the most dangerous.

Join me and my children outside the abortion “clinic” in Indianapolis on June 15 and June 29.  It is something you can never “un-see.” Your eyes will be opened; your heart will be broken. A fire will be lit in your soul for this every-day tragedy. I will just tell you the truth. I don’t want to go either. Don’t let that stop you. Do what is right, even when you don’t feel like it.

Thank you for taking the time to read, but don’t just read. Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING. Use whatever you have to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Let’s talk about the things that matter most.

With love,


Watch the 180 movie here: