WHY Plexus?!

If you know me at all, you know I will tell you:  take your fermented cod liver oil, eat whole foods, and stay away from the chemicals.

I have had miscellaneous health issues over the years and have gone to doctors for help; but the problem is, I don’t want to do what the doctors tell me to do.  I don’t want to dine at the pharmaceutical potluck, taking this to mask this symptom and so on. 

I just want to eat good food, be nourished, and live my life.  That’s not asking too much is it? ;)

The problem (well, one of many problems) is, “good” food is increasingly hard to find!  We just are not in a situation where we can raise all of our own meat; eat 100% non-GMO and organic 100% of the time.  I try (just ask my poor husband) but there are only so many hours in the day, and so many dollars in the bank account.

I know that you cannot bypass clean eating and still arrive at good health!  What we choose to put in our bodies as a fuel source matters!  But then there is reality.  We live in a broken,  compromised world;  both physically and spiritually.  We are not always going to be able to eat the way we know we should (and I’m guessing a lot of people don’t even know what they should eat).  We live in a fast food, on the go world, and it has caught up with our health. 


Our sugar intake is beyond comprehensible!  It is everywhere!  We take in so much sugar in obvious forms, candy bars, sodas, etc.. But there is sugar that comes in much sneakier ways.  It really is in everything!  Start reading the labels, you will be unpleasantly surprised.  Things that are marketed as a healthier option, a lot of times, have just as much sugar as a Snickers bar.  Many other foods that don’t go in as straight sugar still turn to glucose (sugar) in the blood.


 It is also delicious and we are addicted to it, even though it is wrecking our health!

I have known this for quite some time now but never seemed to be able to kick the habit.  Even though I stopped eating as much sugar, I still wanted to.

When your blood sugar is constantly spiking your body is continually throwing insulin at it.  Blood sugars go up (because of what we eat) and your body thinks “HURRY!  THROW SOME INSULIN AT IT!”  Insulin is a “master” hormone meaning it is affecting just about every other area of your body!  Your body cannot communicate properly with itself because of the insulin resistance issue you have going on.

Have you ever gone for one of the “incentive” physicals through your insurance company?  They want to take your waist measurements and A1C levels (sugar numbers over 3 months) and so on. 

Have you ever stopped to consider why? 

They want to know what is going on with your insulin because your insurance company KNOWS if you have high sugar numbers then you ARE going to cost them more money down the road.  Your health is much more likely to deteriorate and snowball into many other expensive issues.  Remember,  insulin is a “master” hormone, its arm stretches far.


Okay, moving on. . . Let’s talk about your gut!  How is your gut doing?  Do you know?  I’m guessing not very well if you are like most Americans.  About 80% of your immunity is coming from the health of your gut.  That is a big percentage!  Our guts are a mess.  We have so much inflammation, food sensitivities and intolerances, constipation, diarrhea (sorry), and so forth.  Over time that inflammation causes cracks in the lining of our intestines and allows all sorts of things to seep out into the blood stream.  Anxiety, allergies, IBS. . . It goes on and on.  These are all by -products of a leaky and/or inflamed gut.  What you eat matters.  There will always be good and bad bacteria in your gut; what matters is which one is controlling the territory.  That’s what probiotics are for!  Unfortunately not all probiotics are created equally!  So you get it!  Your gut health matters! 


A perfect world?  Not hardly!  We are constantly coming into contact with toxins: bottled water, metals, chemicals, etc…  It simply cannot be avoided (this side of heaven).  What’s a girl to do?  Keep them moving on out!  Flush those boogers out.  You will be exposed, it will be okay.  Just be intentional about the reality of our lives and do the best you can with the resources available to you!!  That’s what is so great about Plexus, it is clean and available.

These are the reasons I am using and sharing Plexus. 

Everywhere I turn I see people who are suffering because they need help balancing their sugar, healing their gut, and detoxifying their bodies.  Healing with natural ingredients, that is a big deal!  I get so excited to think I can help people both physically and spiritually!  It makes me a little giddy really and I am not easily excited ;)

Plexus products address all of these issues and many more:



Take a look at what Plexus has to offer!  I recommend the Tri-Plex for everyone with a pulse!

  • Regulate your insulin (Slim)

  • Heal your gut (Pro-Bio 5)

  • Get the toxins out (Bio Cleanse)


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