You know that old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?

That’s exactly how I felt when I snapped this one.



Stick with me here.....

It took me an hour to cook all these pancakes. I had some time to think on it.🤔

Once upon a time, a life time ago, a young woman—girl even—married the most handsome guy she’d ever seen. This girl had no plan. She had no “what to find in a husband” list. She had very little real life experience. BUT She did have one redeeming quality, a heart to LOVE.

This same girl didn’t know how to plan a meal and cook it, organize, manage money....let alone run a home.

She was excited, naive, full of life and full of fear.

6 months passed like the blink of an eye, as they will.

Then their little world was shaken like an upside down snow globe.

There was going to be a baby.

Yay, a baby!

Wait. A baby?!

How could she raise a person when she didn’t even know how to be one yet?

There were tears. Happy ones.

New wife just evolved into new wife/new Mom. 

Love. It was abundant.

It carried them through thick and thin. Jobs gained. Jobs lost.

There were times with plenty of money and many months that brought too much month, not enough check. 

Time kept whizzing by.

We all know babies really don't keep.

Baby boy grew. Little girl came.

Young inexperienced wife and Mom becomes young inexperienced wife/Mom/homeschooler.

Fear is back, or did it ever leave?

How can she do it? How can it ever be enough?

She trudged on.

She made so many mistakes.

More tears. More mess. More doubts. More love.

She blinked again. 2 little wild boys on the end cap and then:

These pancakes

That’s pretty much the gist of it.

Have you ever made pancakes for what feels like the masses?

At first things start out splendidly. Everyone loves babies, um... pancakes. It’s easy. Just mix it up and go, right?

The thing about pancakes for 7 people is, it takes a lot of time and energy.

Just keep frying, just keep frying.

People have eaten, they want more. You’ve been cooking so long the ceramic skillet is about to go on strike. 

Turn the heat up, down, off. People are still eating away . Everything’s fine, right?

By the time that last pancake is on the plate that not so young , somewhat experienced, over worked, under appreciated Mom is contemplating everything in life.

Seriously though. Look at these pancakes. They aren’t winning any prizes at the fair .

None of these pancakes are exactly the same. None of them are perfect. All of them were work... but here’s the thing—they were perfect for my family.

That’s how life is.
It’s too hot, too cold, not enough, too much, overwhelming, underappreciating, loved full up to the brim, all we need, more than we could dream, more than we deserve, tiring, exciting...and a lot of it!

The longer I camp in this body the more I learn to just enjoy the pancakes.

Perfection? Forget that. It only serves to rob you of joy and peace. I stopped comparing my pancakes a long time ago.

This plate sums up my career as wife, Mom and teacher. The inconsistencies are there, of course they are.

But one thing has always remained consistent.

That one redeeming quality: The LOVE.

It covers so many flaws and imperfections.

It is enough.

Side note:  If you are looking to the right and left it will leave you dry, discontent and longing.  No looking at other people's pancakes. ;)  Just enjoy yours.  

God, teach me to always love the now (and then remind me again every day).  Susan